My beloved husband, Kent, died in January 2012, 3 years after diagnosis of a brain tumour. Our son was 2 1/2 and our daughter 3 months old. He and I were far too young. I am now hurtling through the black space of life without him.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Mothers' Day

It was Mothers' Day a while back. I was encouraged to have a nice day, but it's kinda hard to organise celebrating yourself. I'm sure the kids will do an amazing job of it when they're old enough. Thank goodness for Dad, who arranged a present, and most importantly, handmade cards by the kids that I really don't want to miss out on as well. We went in to town with my brother and my Mum that afternoon - actually to celebrate her birthday.

A young family walked past us, parents with two small boys. As they passed me the woman reached out wordlessly to her husband, and he took her hand in his. The pain sliced through me like a knife from top to bottom.

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